Colorist Podcast

May 3, 2017Blog, Color

Great podcast about what we do and the changing nature of our industry over at Colorist Podcast.  Subscribe here.


January 14, 2017Blog

Great news!  I am now operating an awesome color bay out of STITCH in Santa Monica.  I have a Sony PVM-X550 up in the bay so we can do 4k HDR grading.  Come in and check it out!


June 10, 2014Blog, Color, Motion, Portfolio

Finished up work with the incomparable Philip Owens on the YouTube #ProudToPlay spot.  What a great experience and opportunity.  We used FCP7 and I did VFX with After Effects CC and Mocha Pro. ABC US News | ABC Celebrity News

Snow White & The Huntsman on Scratch

October 17, 2013Blog, Color, Editorial

Been meaning to put this link up for a while now, but this is a case study from Assimilate of the workflow I set up for Snow White & the Huntsman for VFX review.

Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

October 16, 2013Blog, Tips

Quick Tip: Hold down ‘Command’ while dragging one sequence into another to insert the shots inside instead of a nest. Note: this will only work on unlocked tracks, so you can lock tracks you don’t want to be inserted.

Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

December 19, 2012Blog, Editorial, Tips

Quick tip:  Hold Cmd + Opt and click and drag on any part of a window (including the center) to move it around.  Can be way faster than finding that small title bar to move and then resize a window.

Tosh.0 Editorial

October 10, 2012Blog, Editorial

I quickly wanted to post a couple images of my timeline for recent episodes of Tosh.0.  Each represents all of the assets we have to follow for a typical episode.  Actually, this is a bit cleaner than some episodes, but you get the idea.  This is about what I get to work with every week. … Read More