Snow White & The Huntsman on Scratch

October 17, 2013Blog, Color, Editorial

Been meaning to put this link up for a while now, but this is a case study from Assimilate of the workflow I set up for Snow White & the Huntsman for VFX review.

Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

December 19, 2012Blog, Editorial, Tips

Quick tip:  Hold Cmd + Opt and click and drag on any part of a window (including the center) to move it around.  Can be way faster than finding that small title bar to move and then resize a window.

Tosh.0 Editorial

October 10, 2012Blog, Editorial

I quickly wanted to post a couple images of my timeline for recent episodes of Tosh.0.  Each represents all of the assets we have to follow for a typical episode.  Actually, this is a bit cleaner than some episodes, but you get the idea.  This is about what I get to work with every week. … Read More